Metal Repoussage

This metal artwork called Repousse’ has a French Origin meaning ‘pushed back’ and dates from the mid-1800’s. Repousse’ is shaped and ornamental patterns made in relief by hammering or pressing on both sides of the metal.

I work with colored aluminum which is soft and pliable. I can freehand the designs or use templates to create the designs. I mostly use a pencil but also have various tools and stamps to add texture. I can alter the color of the aluminum with inks and paints. I then can collage various items along with the metal. You may see beads, wire, papers, polished stones, glass tiles, fabric, BB’s, charms, glitter and other metallic, shiny objects. All works are framed and under glass. (please pardon some reflections on the images…I am a fair photographer at best).

Although each artwork may incorporate similar materials and faces, each completed piece is one of a kind. I keep no photographic records of previously created works. This guarantees the individuality of each artwork.